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Name: YD-E multi-functional intelligent computer Shelves
Shelves intelligent automatic control system for multi-purpose computer is my company developed its own set manual, electric, computer-controlled integrated optical-mechanical-electrical integration of the latest products, it has the structure of advanced, feature-rich, easy to operate features. [More]

Name: Intelligent intensive shelf
The Introduction of Automatic control system
1. manually operated functions:
Shelves in the non-electric operation can be carried out hand, each section Shelves force the hand shake is not more than 12N (multiple pro-rata increase in multi-column). [More]

Name: Manual intensive shelf
Yu dong Shelves Series mobile file DA/T7-92 National Archives in accordance with industry-standard file Shelves and Book Shelves GBT13667.3-2003 national standards developed and produced for the organs, enterprises and institutions the library, archives, sample library materials, such as storage rooms, files, financial documents, and other goods. [More]

Name: YD-A-type manual Shelves
Structural characteristics:
Merged with the overall welding base, insert a frame body for the two-pillar structure, section and between sections separated by hanging panels, open columns are linked in the hole, hanging plate hanging on the column button hole on the peg. [More]

Name: YD-AB-type manual Shelves/YD-AB-intensive aircraft type sensor lights
YD-AB-type manual Shelves
Structural characteristics:
Shelves in the style YD-A Type Shelves sent on to improve. The main difference is that each shelf divided into two, each of the two Shelves shelf both between Latin America and the Caribbean strong gluten inclined to a more stable body frame. [More]

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