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YD-E multi-functional intelligent computer Shelves

 Detailed content
Shelves intelligent automatic control system for multi-purpose computer is my company developed its own set manual, electric, computer-controlled integrated optical-mechanical-electrical integration of the latest products, it has the structure of advanced, feature-rich, easy to operate features. A computer-controlled system, electronic control systems and mechanical transmission control system is composed of three parts. Three separate controlúČEach other is not affected, and mutual protection. And user-friendly design philosophy, intelligent control systems and network management model based on the achievement of macro-body aircraft control automation, automatic protection of human and environmental regulation. Multi-function computer with a mold material Shelves, mothproof, dust-proof, anti-light, anti-rat, anti-theft, fire prevention functions.

Shelves computer automatic control system for multi-function features:
 1, the structural characteristics: multi-function computer Shelves advanced automatic control system of all-in-one drive mechanism to ensure the reliability of transmission. State in the electric control or manual control mode, in addition to regular column, each column using the mobile clutch, so that instead of drive axle separation, a decrease of transmission resistance, thereby reducing the driving force to operate, more convenient operation.
 2, high-tech: automatic control of temperature and humidity, smoke detection, automatic alarms, identification systems (such as fingerprint and smart card), the bar code input / output, e-commerce, file management system and network components and database sharing available for customers to choose.
3, highly intelligent: Computer Shelves core is composed of single-chip and computer, to intelligent design that provides a powerful platform. Shelves master computer and two-way communication between the through batch file management software to operate a wide range of information access and display. Management of the entire file is quick and easy, accurate safety. To reduce duplication and improve efficiency.
 4, security and reliability: Shelves automatic control system for multi-computer control using low-voltage control part. Control panel using voltage 5V, 12V DC voltage, and electromagnetic clutch used 24V DC voltage. 24V DC motor used. To ensure safety, the safety of isolation voltage 220V devices. With the protection of human features such as infra-red to ensure the safety of the operator.
 5, the lighting: a computer with multi-functional automatic tracking Shelves lighting features, user-friendly access to information at the scene.

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