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Manual intensive shelf

 Detailed content
Yu dong Shelves Series mobile file DA/T7-92 National Archives in accordance with industry-standard file Shelves and Book Shelves GBT13667.3-2003 national standards developed and produced for the organs, enterprises and institutions the library, archives, sample library materials, such as storage rooms, files, financial documents, and other goods.
   With the traditional shelves, shelves, files, planes as compared to storage, and more systematic; and space savings of up to 70%. The use of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet products molding surface, as to oil - rust - table transfer - Phosphating - Cleaning - Passivation processing processes, such as from 10. The use of automatic spray pipeline to the latest international low light color electrostatic duster, made of high temperature plastics, anti-corrosion performance.
   Frame by the user a wide range of color choices, two of the contact surface between the buffer with a magnetic seal. Dust the top plate, bottom prevention device. Every body out with the security restrictions on aircraft equipment and anti-dumping action device. Aircraft equipped with side lock for locking a whole. Transmission through the finishing processing, the use of precision bearings, flexible and smooth transmission; plate spacing can be allowed to adjust freely in accordance with customer needs.

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